How to Make a Video Call on Windows

Alexander Galvita
November 17, 2014
Alexander Galvita
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videocallUsing TrueConf software, you can make FullHD video calls and chat with your colleagues, relatives or friends as long as you want and absolutely free.

To begin your online communication experience, install TrueConf Online or TrueConf Client (the client application for TrueConf Server) video conferencing application on your PC or laptop running on MS Windows.

After the installation, which will take you no more than 2 minutes, you can make a video call.


Watch our 1-minute video guide.

Step 1: Adding Users to the Address Book

If you have just downloaded the program, your address book will, obviously, be empty. There will be no contacts, except for tech support. With an exception of when you are a member of a corporate group or a server user.

To add a user to the address book, select the Address Book icon in the application. Clicking on this icon will open a menu where you can add a new user. Type in TrueConf ID of the person you want to add in the suggested form:

Add a New Contact

For the TrueConf Online corporate group users and TrueConf Server users
After the registration of the TrueConf Online corporate group and activation process, the administrator inputs all the addresses of the participants, so when members log in to the Address book they will find a list of contacts.

Your address book will already be filled with contacts of people that are connected to your TrueConf Server after logging into TrueConf Client application.

Step 2: Making a Video Call

There are three ways to communicate with in the video call mode.

1.Enter the TrueConf ID or e-mail in the address bar of the application window and click the Call button. In second case, user will receive an email invitation  to join TrueConf Online.

Address bar

This method is suitable if the user is not in your Address book.

2. Directly from the Address book. Double click the user name with the left mouse button to make a call or right click the name of the desired user, open the window and click the Call button.

3. Once you finished a call, you can save user’s contacts in the address book. To do this, go to the Call History menu and select Placed tab. There you will see a name or email address of the user. Click his/her name, right-click and select Add to address book line from the dropout menu.

Adding a New Contact and Making Call


An incoming call looks like that:

Incoming Video Call

As you can see, making a video call is fairly easy! 🙂


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