How to Make a Video Call from iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Alexander Galvita
May 20, 2014
Alexander Galvita
Categories: Tutorials

VideoCall iPhone 6We have developed TrueConf Mobile client application specially for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) to make video calls and conduct multipoint video conferences. This application is compatible with all TrueConf solutions, so you can make calls both on mobile devices and on desktop computers.

TrueConf Mobile app features a convenient and intuitive user interface with support of vertical and horizontal screen positioning. To experience all the benefits of our mobile product, we suggest you to make a video call with our help right now. So, let’s begin.

Download for iOS


Making a Video Call with TrueConf For iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Step 1: Select User’s Name from the Address Book

TrueConf for iOS - Address Book

Tap the name of the desired user in your address book. By tapping on a space to the right of his/her name, you’ll see the following icons:


 — make a call


 — write a text message in chat


 — information about the user

During a video conference you can receive private messages from users. A notification of a message ( a red circle) will be displayed next to the name of the user who has sent you a message. Click on the circle to read the notification. In the bottom menu, a notification of the total number of unread messages will be displayed over the Chats icon: Notification

Step 2: Select a Video Call Icon

You can make a video call by tapping Call icon.

After selecting the User Information icon, a window will open in which you will be able to see the user’s name, his/her TrueConf ID, as well as the current status. By the way, you can also make a call directly from this menu:

User Info

Delete – Remove a user from the address book
Call – make a video call
Message – start texting in chat mode
Ban – block a user

Step 3: Stay Connected in Video Call Mode

When you’ll reach a desired user, you can communicate non-stop all day long!

During a video call from the iOS client app, you can:

  • Disable your camera;
  • Mute the microphone;
  • Leave the conference by tapping End button.