Video call from iPhone to Android

Alexander Galvita
March 20, 2019
Alexander Galvita

TrueConf client applications provide video conferencing for mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and desktop platforms (Windows, macOS and Linux).

This article will demonstrate how TrueConf for iOS user can make a video call to TrueConf for Android user (and vice versa). Please note that you can make video calls to users of any platform, the only requirement is that both ends need to have TrueConf application installed.  

Call from TrueConf application for iPhone

Step 1. Download and install TrueConf application to both devices (iPhone and Android) from the standard application stores.

Step 2. Authorize in TrueConf for iOS in any way convenient to you and select either TrueConf Online cloud service or TrueConf Server corporate server to connect to.

Download TrueConf Server

Step 3. Find the user who has authorized via TrueConf for Android in your address book. If you cannot find the user, enter their TrueConf ID in the search field. The user will be displayed instead of address book.

Step 4. To call the user, click on their name and press button on the panel that appears.

When the user receives your call, you will see the following window:

How to call iPhone user via TrueConf for Android application

Please, read our article about video calls via TrueConf for Android in our blog. Calls to iPhone are made in exactly the same way.

Have a nice video call!

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