How to Make Video Calls on Android

Alexander Galvita
January 20, 2016 Alexander Galvita Categories: Tutorials

Videocall AndroidWe have developed TrueConf App for Android devices to make video calls and conduct multipoint video conferences.

This app is compatible with all TrueConf solutions, so you can make video calls both on mobile devices and on desktop computers.

TrueConf for Android features a convenient and intuitive user interface with support of vertical and horizontal screen positioning.

Download for Android

How to Make Free Video Calls

TrueConf for Android is available on Google Play, where you can download it for your device completely free.

To make a video call on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, you’ll need to perform the following steps:

Step 1: Select the Desired User

Address book and Autorization

After logging in to the app, choose a person you want to call from your address book. If his/her status icon is green, it means that the user is online and you can make a video call. Red status icon indicates that the user is not available at the moment.

You can also find a user by TrueConf ID. To do this, type the ID in the search box located at the bottom of your address book.

Step 2: Call the Selected User


Tapping on the user icon will open a window where you will find buttons for the following actions:
Call – make a video call.
Chat – start texting.
Information – information about the selected user.

To make a call, tap the Call icon. You can also call the user by double-tapping the space in front of his name.

Step 3: Congratulations, You’ve Made a Call!

Videocall Android (1)

During a Video Call You Can:

  • Instant messaging;
  • Configure the application. After you click Setting icon, additional buttons are displayed:
  • turn off the camera;
  • mute sound;
  • switch microphone;
  • switch between front and rear cameras.
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