How to Add and Delete Contacts in TrueConf for Android

Alexander Galvita
July 29, 2014
Alexander Galvita
Categories: Tutorials

In this manual you will find out how to add new users to the Address Book in TrueConf for Android, as well as how to delete them.

How to Add Users from the Search

Go to your Address book. In the Search field enter name or TrueConf ID of the user you wish to add. The list of registered users with similar names on TrueConf Server will be displayed:


Choose the one you wish to add and tap on “Add Contact”:


After adding it will appear in your Address book.

After successfully adding a new contact, a notification will appear in the top left corner of the dialog window of the application “Added new contacts”:

Added new contacts

How to add the User from the Information Tab

To add a user to the Address Book from the tab “Information”, tap “Add a Contact”:


How to Delete a User from the Address Book?

To delete a contact, go to Menu > “Delete contact”:

Delete Contact