Group Video Conferencing on iPhone, iPad and Android

Alexander Galvita
November 1, 2013
Alexander Galvita
Categories: Tutorials

Group Conferences on iOSMobile group conferencing got real! Moreover, it is free! Any user can download TrueConf mobile video conferencing client application on his/her iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet and communicate with other users from any place and at any time.

The maximum number of the participants to a symmetric group conference is 9. Unlike other modes of group video conferencing, such as Video Broadcasting and Virtual Meeting, which do not provide full contact between all the participants, all users can see and hear each other in a symmetric video conference.

Group Conference on iOS

Step 1: Create a Symmetric Conference

Go to the Address Book and click “New Group Conference” button. A window will open where you can choose the type of a conference. In this case, select “Symmetric”. Enter a name for your conference and then click the “Create” button:
Trueconf for iOS - Creating a Symmetric Conference

Step 2: Invite Users

After the conference is created, invite users from the Address Book. To do this, use the “Invite” button:
Inviting Users to Symmetric Conference on iOS

When you click this button you will be taken back to the Address Book. Right-click on the name of the necessary user. Once several icons appear to the right of his/her name, select the green phone icon invite.
You Can Start Communicating!

In a symmetric conference on iOS users can disable camera or microphone broadcasting, and add new participants to the conference (in the case if the number of participants is lower than 9 people). Learn more about application’s control icons in our previous tutorial.

Symmetric Video Conference on Android

And now try to organize a group video conference on the Android device.

Step 1: Go to the Address Book

When going into the Address Book tab you will see the “Conference” button, tap on it:

Creating a Conference on Android Tablet

Step 2: Select the Participants to Your Symmetric Conference

Select “Symmetric 9×9” in the opened window. Next tap the “Add members” button. After all the participants have been selected, tap the “Create” button.

Adding Participants to Video Conference

Step 3: Communicate in Symmetrical Mode!

During a symmetric conference, users can invite new participants to the conference, use instant messaging and configure the application (when clicking the button with gears, icons for disabling the microphone, camera or muting sounds as well as an icon for switching between front and rear camera will appear).

Managing Group Conference on Android

During a group conference you can see the following icon in the tool bar:


Upon clicking on it the following actions become available:

chat – messaging;


conference  – participants management;


настройки  – equipment management.



There are two kinds of chat sessions we offer during the conference: personal chat with a specific participant or group chat between all participants of the conference:


Personal chat

By clicking the personal chat icon chat you will open the window with the “Public chat” and “New chat+” icons.

Click on it will bring an address book. Just select a user you want communicate with. You can chat with any user not only with current conference participants. You can also send an offline message to a user who isn’t available:

close list

Enter your message in the message field and click on the icon with a pointer to send it:

send message

Group chat

To start group chat click on “triangle” Group chat icon in the toolbar. Group chat of the current conferences will immediately appear. Only conference’s participants will see your messages, and vice versa.

How to add new participant

To add new participants to the conference click on “people” conference icon in the toolbar. You’ll see a list of current conference’ participants. Click on “Add new participant” icon to select a new user from your address book:

add new participants

Once selected the user will receive an invitation to join the conference. That’s it!

Equipment management

To switch camera, disable or enable microphone and sound click on “settings” icon settings:

активация и отключение микрофона – turn on/off microphone, including headset;


front or rear camera – switch between front and rear cameras;


camera – turn on/off the active camera.


How to end conference

To end or leave group conference just click the on “hang up” icon end call in the upper right corner of the main conference window. Please note that if you was the owner of the conference it will end for all participants.