Chat File Transfer: New Feature Available

Alina Krukova
April 12, 2017
Alina Krukova
Categories: Tutorials

A new version of TrueConf Server features file transfer option. This feature is available in TrueConf Client 6.5.8+, TrueConf 7.1.1+ for Windows, macOS and Linux when connected to TrueConf Server.

To send a file, drag and drop your file into the chat or click “Send File” and select the necessary file to send.

After you confirm your choice, the file will be sent automatically. If you upload content into the common chat during a group conference, the file will be available for download to all the conference participants. They will receive a notification with a download link.

These functions are available in the chat window even if you are not currently in a conference.

Chat File Transfer Features


  • Sending files offline. Your partner will receive your files as soon as he or she enters the app.
  • Sending folders. In TrueConf Client for macOS and Linux you can upload and send folders.
  • Group conference file sharing. You can send files to all the conference participants in a group conference.
  • Server-side file storage. Your files are available for download at any time.

We no longer support file transfer in point-to-point video call mode prior to TrueConf Client 6.5.8.

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