How Can a Host Rejoin a Conference

Alina Krukova
February 26, 2015
Alina Krukova
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If the host of the meeting had to leave the meeting due to technical issues, the conference will not get interrupted and the host is able to rejoin the meeting. Thus, there’s no need to organize another meeting if the host encounters technical difficulties.

The host can rejoin the meeting in several ways.

If the meeting was created through a Client Application

Click on the group_conference icon in the client application window.

Create a group conference dialog box will open.

Do not make any changes, just click “Start”:


You will automatically rejoin the meeting you previously created.

If the meeting was created through the TrueConf Server Control Panel

It is relevant to TrueConf Server if the meeting was scheduled on the server by the administrator and was launched automatically. As a host, you cannot use the previous method.

You need to ask the server administrator for a conference ID (CID).

CID is displayed in the «Group Сonferences» tab of the TrueConf Server Control Panel, in the «Status» field:

group conferences

To rejoin the conference, enter CID in the address bar of the client application and click “Connect”:


How can an ordinary participant rejoin the conference?

If a participant left the meeting, he can rejoin it in two ways:

  1. by double clicking with the left mouse button on the host’s name in the Address book;
  2. by right-clicking on the host’s name (a menu will popup) and selecting “Join conference”:


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