Video Conferencing in Russia Becoming More and More Popular

Alina Krukova
October 23, 2014
Alina Krukova
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Moscow hosted its 13th annual conference on video conferencing technologies, Video+Conference Russia 2014. This year’s event had more than 120 attendees on-site and 60 attendees online, 12 reports from leading telecom experts, and a demonstration area with modern VC and AV equipment.

Video Conferencing in Russia Becoming More and More Popular 1

The 13th Video+Conference Russia outmatched its predecessors in all figures with the support of RUSSOFT, Russia’s biggest IT community. The event gathered more than 100 on-site visitors, with representatives from TrueConf, Cisco, Avaya, ТАТА Communications, the heads of IT departments from the video conferencing sector, Russian banks and system integrators, alongside with 60 remote participants connected to the broadcast via the TrueConf Online video conferencing service. Video+Conference Russia 2014 was sponsored by TrueConf, and organized by Unitsolutions, a video conferencing equipment provider.

The audience got the chance to listen to 12 interesting and informative reports on trends and forecasts. Topics included the development of the video conferencing market, deployment case studies, and the introduction of video conferencing in everyday workflow. Talks were given by industry analysts, developers, system integrators and experienced users of massive video conferencing systems.

The speakers emphasized the trend of transferring from video conferencing to unified communications systems, where users can interchangeably use any means of communication (chat, video call, usual phone call or SIP) on any linked device (conference room, desktop, tablet or smartphone). The speakers were: Ira M. Weinstein (Senior Analyst at Wainhouse Research), Stass Soldatov (TrueConf Chief Technology Officer), Roman Mornev (BizKomm Chief Technology Officer), Stanislav Makarov (Independent Analyst), Christina Mainina (Head of Exploitation & Monitoring department at Committee for Information and Communication of the Republic of Komi), and Ivan Meleshko (Head of R&D department at TrueConf).

Between the reports, visitors could visit the demonstration area, where TrueConf’s team showcased their TrueConf Terminal hardware and software video conferencing solutions for platforms like Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android. Unitsolutions presented a range of AV equipment for video conferencing at workplaces and in conference rooms. For the first time in Russia, the Phoenix Audio booth showcased the Spider IP telephone: the most advanced audio device on the market. The Spider features high-end acoustics, leading noise and echo cancellation technology. Spider combines a VoIP telephone and a high-end USB speakerphone into one sleek device.

Video Conferencing in Russia Becoming More and More Popular 2

Video Conferencing in Russia Becoming More and More Popular 3

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