Freedom of Choice: The Video Conferencing Market of Kazakhstan Seeks Alternatives

Alina Krukova
June 18, 2015
Alina Krukova

TrueConf has summarized the results of a survey carried out during the first Video+Conference 2015 event in Kazakhstan. The survey has shown that companies in Kazakhstan are using both hardware video conferencing systems and cloud video services, and users prefer to take part in video conferences from their workstations and mobile devices.

The survey involved 56 professionals from Kazakhstan (clients (62%), integrators (31%) and video conferencing service providers (7%)) who presented their views on the video conferencing market. The majority of respondents came from the high technologies/information and communication technologies sector, educational institutions, and the public sector, which is a similar demographic to the Russian market. These sectors typically require video conferencing services because of their distributed structure and specific activities and business requirements.

Consumers in Kazakhstan have different product and service delivery preferences to the Russian market: only 36% of organizations own an on-premises video conferencing system, compared to 45% of Russian businesses. The survey found that Kazakhstani consumers have more faith in cloud services compared to Russian clients, with 19% of Kazakh respondents saying they trust cloud services, versus 10% of Russian respondents.

Clients from Kazakhstan are now using both cloud services (28%) and MCU-based systems (28%) while Russian clients prefer hardware MCU-based systems (41%), with only 20% of clients using cloud services. The uptake of software SVC-based solutions, such as TrueConf, is growing and gaining popularity across the CIS. 10% of respondents from Kazakhstan and 12% of respondents from Russia currently use software solutions.

The main difference between the Kazakhstan market and the Russian market is relative popularity of hardware video conferencing systems. Consumers in Kazakhstan are not rushing to purchase hardware video conferencing systems. They are looking for easy-to-use and cost-effective software and cloud solutions for enterprise communications.

The study revealed that 51% of those surveyed preferred to participate in video conferences from their workstations, 15% use mobile devices for video conferencing, and 35% of respondents are willing to conduct video conferences in meeting rooms. 60% of Russian respondents conduct video conferences from their workstations, 51% in meeting rooms, and 10% of respondents use their mobile devices for video conferencing.

TrueConf CEO Michael Gotalsky said: “The study by our company has created a clearer understanding of what video conferencing services are required by modern users in Kazahkstan. The simplicity and usability of enterprise video conferencing systems are a priority for Kazakhstani clients. Also, the BYOD concept is far more popular here than in Russia, resulting in specialized requirements for video conferencing systems.”

“It should also be noted that SVC-based software solutions are gaining popularity and are gradually replacing hardware solutions. Overall, the Kazakhstan market seeks innovation and the active development of video conferencing services,” Mr Gotalsky said.

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