February 12, 2016 Yehor VoytanikYehor Voytanik Categories: News

Dear friends, we would like to invite you all to join the global testing of our new cross-platform app, TrueConf for Windows 7.0.0 Beta. The 7th version of the video conferencing client application not only got a new design familiar to users of OS X and Linux, but managed to unite in itself the two separate Windows client applications: one for TrueConf Online cloud service, and the second for TrueConf Server on-premises solution.

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February 5, 2016 Диана ГомоноваДиана Гомонова Categories: News

Headquartered in Moscow, the Russian brand name of TNT-Broadcasting Network, TNT (or THT) uses Phoenix Audio Technologies products at its corporate offices for executive meetings and video conference calls.

The Challenge

logo_tntAs one of Russia’s top five federal television networks, TNT executives are in and out of meetings all day. Aside from routine meetings, many of these important calls are conducted via video conferencing. For this reason, the TNT offices were in urgent need of a high-quality audio solution to accommodate these sessions. It tested many speakerphone solutions, including those manufactured by Jabra and Plantronics. The network also tried microphones and separate speakers by various other vendors. Unfortunately, the results left much to be desired. The equipment proved to be difficult to use, and the sound quality was very low.

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February 3, 2016 Yehor VoytanikYehor Voytanik Categories: News Press Releases

TrueConf, the leading enterprise video conferencing solution developer in Eastern Europe, will showcase a cutting-edge UltraHD (4K) point-to-point video conferencing system and demonstrate its new improved Unified Communications platform at Integrated Systems Europe 2016.

Before now, the only solution for UltraHD video quality in video conferencing systems was to splice together multiple video streams. This year, ISE 2016 attendees will be some of the first to see a live single-stream 1-on-1 video call at 2160p resolution. This exhibit is facilitated by the TrueConf Server hybrid Unified Communications platform and the brand new Panasonic AW-UE70 4K PTZ camera.

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January 28, 2016 Dmitriy ZagorulkoDmitriy Zagorulko Categories: Tutorials

TrueConf Server 4.3.5 added new RTSP Streaming feature. This feature is optional and available only in the full version of TrueConf Server. Want to turn it on? Give us a call at 1-347-878-3263, send us a message in the online chat or e-mail us at sales@trueconf.com.

If this feature is already activated in your TrueConf server, then follow the instruction.

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January 25, 2016 Yehor VoytanikYehor Voytanik Categories: News Press Releases

TrueConf has introduced a new feature allowing users to stream video conferences with the help of TrueConf Server. Live streaming is enabled via RTSP—the industry standard network control protocol—allowing customers to deliver content for an unlimited number of viewers.

Now TrueConf Server users can scale conference feeds using a streaming mechanism. The embedded module allows for simultaneous broadcasting of several HD video conferences at up to 720p@30fps quality. To join the stream, viewers can simply follow the link received from a streaming server or content delivery service (e.g. YouTube).

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January 20, 2016 Alexander GalvitaAlexander Galvita Categories: Tutorials

Videocall AndroidWe have developed TrueConf App for Android devices to make video calls and conduct multipoint video conferences.

This app is compatible with all TrueConf solutions, so you can make video calls both on mobile devices and on desktop computers.

TrueConf for Android features a convenient and intuitive user interface with support of vertical and horizontal screen positioning.

Download for Android

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January 19, 2016 Диана ГомоноваДиана Гомонова Categories: News

We introduce a new 1.6.4 version of TrueConf for iOS with the support for avatars, Slide Show feature and an updated application for Apple Watch.

Address book The mobile application now includes the long-requested support for avatars. They are displayed in the Address Book, and also when video feed from user is not available during a call or a conference. In addition, the colour of the indicator in the bottom-left corner of the avatar shows you the user’s status.

You can upload your avatar in the settings section of the application or in the Personal Area on TrueConf Online website. You can either choose a photo from the gallery or make a photo using your device’s camera within the app.
Now you can view presentations or show them to other users with Slide Show feature of TrueConf 1.6.4 on iPhone or iPad. Simply choose images you want from your gallery and start sharing.

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January 3, 2016 Yehor VoytanikYehor Voytanik Categories: News

ISE2016_Booth_smallOn Februrary 9 – 12 2016 Amsterdam will host the largest AV and IT technology exhibition in the world – Integrated Systems Europe 2016 (ISE 2016).

Throughout 13 years of its history, the exhibition welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors, and showcased thousands of innovations. ISE 2016 promises to be even larger and more diverse than ever, and will try to beat its own last-year’s record of 1000 vendors and over 59,000 visitors. It is a very important for us, we will participate for 3rd year in a row, and we hope to make our booth and your experience better this year.

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December 24, 2015 Диана ГомоноваДиана Гомонова Categories: Tutorials

The ability to stream TrueConf video conferences on YouTube has appeared in TrueConf Server starting from version 4.3.5 thanks to the RTSP Streaming feature.

This function is optional and available only in the full version of TrueConf Server. If you want to activate it, please call: 1-347-878-3263, write in online chart or send us an e-mail to sales@trueconf.com.

If you have already activated this feature, please follow the instructions below.

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December 23, 2015 Диана ГомоноваДиана Гомонова Categories: Tutorials

The Federation option allows users of one TrueConf Server unit to make calls to users of other TrueConf Server as well as to TrueConf Online users.

The Federation option is available in any paid TrueConf Server license.

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