More Than 100 CIO, IT and AV Experts and Public Sector Representatives Visited Video+Conference Russia 2014

Alina Krukova
October 23, 2014
Alina Krukova

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On October 10, 2014 Moscow held its 13th event about video conferencing technologies – Video+Conference 2014. This year’s event reached a new level. It gathered more than 100 on-site visitors including representatives of such companies as TrueConf, Cisco, Avaya, ТАТА Communications, heads of IT departments from Russian banks, system integrators and public sector. More than 60 people took part in a conference through a broadcast using TrueConf Online video conferencing service. Video+Conference Russia 2014 was sponsored by TrueConf, and organized by Unitsolutions, a video conferencing equipment provider.

12 speakers took a podium at the event and told the audience about various trends and forecasts on the video conferencing market development, case studies of video conferencing system deployment in different fields. The speakers emphasized the trend of transferring from video conferencing to complete unified communications systems, where users can interchangeably use any means of communication (chat, video call, usual phone call or SIP) on any linked device (conference room, desktop, tablet or smartphone).

Visitors could visit the demonstration area, where TrueConf’s team showcased their TrueConf Terminal hardware and software video conferencing solutions for platforms like Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android. Unitsolutions presented a range of AV equipment for video conferencing at workplaces and in conference rooms. Our partners from Phoenix Audio showcased their new product – Spider IP speakerphone: the most advanced audio device on the market. Spider combines a VoIP telephone and a high-end USB speakerphone into one sleek device that was presented in Russia for the first time. Partners from IPVS gave everyone a chance to look at the technology of the future – 4K cameras and TVs.

And that’s not all yet! The participants got their certificates of attendance and interesting prizes and presents from the conference’s sponsors and organizers for active involvement in the discussion. Present participants took part in giveaway of the following prizes: Google Nexus 7 tablet from TrueConf, 10 speakerphones from Phoenix Audio, Makita screw gun from IPVS, gyro mouse controllers and watches from Polymedia, and a headset from IMAG. 3 speakerphones from Phoenix audio were presented to remote participants.

We, as a general sponsor of Video+Conference Russia 2014, are proud to see that video conferencing gets more popular among Russian users year to year, and that our efforts in this process are noticeable. This inspires us to make the event even better next year!

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