TrueConf Demonstrated the Growth of Sales in the Video Conferencing Market

Alina Krukova
July 15, 2015
Alina Krukova
Categories: News Analytics

TrueConf Demonstrated the Growth of Sales in the Video Conferencing Market 1Both Russian and global video conferencing markets has shown decline in the volume of sales in 2014. However, this didn’t prevent us from ending the year with a positive balance. We have summarized the results of our work in 2014 and considered the current situation in the Russian video conferencing market.

According to our data, the volume of the Russian video conferencing market estimated at $80,000,000 in 2014 which is $6,000,000 or 6.9% less than in 2013. The same tendency can be seen in the global video conferencing market, where revenues decreased by 6.8%.

According to Michael Gotalsky, TrueConf Chief Commercial Officer, such reduction is not a sign of a crisis but of qualitative changes in the market: the development of a new approach to organizing video meetings and promotion of video conferencing as a tool for efficient communication. It should be noted that video conferencing has migrated from meeting rooms to workplaces and mobile devices of employees, the price per user has substantially decreased and selling extended functionality now generates more revenue for video conferencing vendors than selling licenses.

Despite all these difficulties in the market, our sales volume has increased both in Russia and globally. We have done a lot of work last year: we released a free version of the server called TrueConf Server and added more than 10 languages to the interface, the number of TrueConf’s foreign partners has doubled (we now have 55 foreign partners and our solutions are available in 120 countries). In 2014, TrueConf also set a course for import substitution which increased the number of deployments in public and financial sectors as well as in industry, transport and healthcare sectors. As a result, the number of paid corporate users connected to TrueConf video conferencing systems in 2014 exceeded the number of users in the past 7 years.

TrueConf Demonstrated the Growth of Sales in the Video Conferencing Market 2

We continue to actively develop the functionality of our products and are constantly improving the video quality for users of all major platforms. Over the past year, we released 16 new versions of our video conferencing solutions.

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