The Federal Notary Chamber of Russian Fedration Connects 3856 Employees with Video Conferencing

Alina Krukova
March 11, 2015
Alina Krukova

We have successfully deployed our TrueConf Enterprise system one again! This time our client is the Federal Notary Chamber. Everybody know that Russia is a large country! That is why it can be difficult to gather the people in one place and conduct an immediate meeting. We have carried out a further introduction of our server for video conferencing – TrueConf Enterprise! The communication issues arising under the immensity of territory from Kalinigrad to Kamchatka, the specific area of provided services and notary activities, and the aim of connecting notary chambers’ employees had to be resolved.

The implementation was guided by the representatibes of the Center for Innovation and Information Technology Foundation which provides informational assistance to all the notary officers in Russian Federation. The video conferencing solution based on TrueConf’s distributed video conferencing system managed to satisfy all the Foundation’s needs. Today the system connects 3856 users from 84 notary chambers.

Video conferencing at the Federal Notary Chamber is organized as follows:

  • Virtual meetings are organized between the System Administrators of Russian notary chambers each Tuesday.
  • The Commission on Information Technologies of Federal Notary Chamber and commissions on information technologies from regional notary chambers conduct their meetings in symmetric multipoint video conference mode.
  • The distance learning for notary officers is organized on the basis of role video conferences (with aid of slide shows, presentations, video materials and screen sharing).
  • WebRTC-based web conferences are used to increase the number of users and to involve third-party participants in online conferences without registering them.

Read more about this deployment in the press release.

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