TrueConf Took Part in Video + Conference Russia in 2013 and Ukraine 2013

Vitaliy Sidey
November 12, 2014
Vitaliy Sidey
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On October 15, 2013 TrueConf acted as a general sponsor of the ninth conference in Video + Conference in Moscow on October 22 and
held its first conference in Video + Conference in Kiev. This time the event was held under the influence of the newest trends — BYOD and WebRTC.

In both capitals, the event was opened by Lev Yakupov, TrueConf Marketing Director. In his Moscow report he spoke about the current
state of video conferencing technology and new trends.

The conference was continued by Dmitry Odintsov (TrueConf Director of Sales and Business Development) and Stanislav Soldatov
(TrueConf CTO) with a detailed story about communication through a browser and BYOD trend.

Roman Mornev, BizKomm CEO, told an interesting story of telepresence development, and Yuri Mityunin, Unit Solutions Head of System Integration,
presented some interesting calculations of typical videoconferencing projects on the basis of solutions developed by well-known hardware vendors.

In Kiev, Evgeny Korolev (TrueConf Ukrainian branch CEO) demonstrated his report on financial returns on implementing video
conferencing and talked about the most important video conferencing deployments. Guests also could hear some informative reports on telehealth,
WebRTC and TrueConf Server software server.

Between the speakers’ presentations event guests could visit the showroom, where a variety of equipment for video conferencing was presented,
like terminals, cameras, conferencing systems and speakerphones, and the latest release of the new hardware system TrueConf Terminal
version 1.3.0 with HD PTZ camera and a 10” inch touch panel.

The Moscow event was attended by 90 live and 60 remote participants involved with a broadcast through TrueConf Online video
conferencing service. Kiev event gathered 60 participants. Guests were given the opportunity to win an iPad mini and business diaries from
TrueConf! All participants were satisfied with the conference, and some went home with nice gifts.

Presentations from Video + Conference available for download at this link:
Video + Conference Russia,
Video +Conference Ukraine

All photos can be viewed here

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