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Elizaveta Nesova
December 27, 2018
Elizaveta Nesova
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During TrueConf video conferences, you can rotate and zoom users PTZ cameras (including remote endpoint cameras). With TrueConf’s legacy application, users could control SIP and H.323 endpoint cameras only via the server gateway. With a new version of TrueConf for Windows (7.3+) or TrueConf for macOS (7.3.2+), you can manage USB cameras with support for UVC interface during the conferences.

How to Allow Remote Control of SIP/H.323 Endpoint Cameras via Your Server?

This section is intended for TrueConf Server administrators.

You can allow remote control over SIP/H.323 endpoint cameras separately in different menus of TrueConf Server control panel.

To enable this function, go to the gateway section (select Network → SIP Gateway or Network → H.323 Gateway in the left list). In the Global Settings section, check Enable Remote Control Over Q.922/H.224/H.281 (it has the same name in the SIP and H.323 gateway configuration menus, however, these are two different checkboxes responsible for different permissions). Click Apply to save the changes.

PTZ Camera Remote Control 1 PTZ Camera Remote Control 2

How to Regulate Access to Your Camera When Calling from TrueConf for Windows?

If users take part in conferences via TrueConf client application, their cameras can be remotely controlled only if they are using TrueConf 7.3+.

By default, PTZ camera control of TrueConf for Windows 7.3+ users is available to any other user on request. This means that if you attempt to intercept the camera control, the camera owner will see the window offering to confirm the interception.

PTZ Camera Remote Control 3

In client application settings, you can disable this function.  You can prohibit sending requests (thereby making your camera unavailable for external control) or allow all users to access your camera with one click without prompting and confirming their actions.

To do this, go to Settings → Hardware → PTZ camera control, choose one of three options under under Who can control my PTZ camera heading:

  •        Ask me each time.
  •        Everyone.
  •        Nobody.


How to Control Cameras?

To get started, right-click on user’s video window and select Show Camera Control.

PTZ Camera Remote Control 4

PTZ Camera Remote Control 5

If user enabled Ask me each time in camera control settings, the application will prompt you to send such a request. In TrueConf 7.3+, text messages are used for this purpose, but the legacy application displays an icon in the upper-right corner of the video window, upon clicking on which your request will be sent.

PTZ Camera Remote Control 6

Once you’ve been granted access, the camera control panel appears in the corner of the video window.

PTZ Camera Remote Control 7

When you close the panel, it’ll be replaced with a small crossed arrows icon, upon clicking on which you can return the window.

PTZ Camera Remote Control 8

Can I Control User Cameras During a Group Conference?

Yes, you can if you are a conference moderator.

How to Control Your Own PTZ Camera Using TrueConf for Windows?

If you have a PTZ camera selected in the client application (version 7.3+), a crossed arrows icon will appear in the corner of your video window, by clicking on which your camera control panel will open.


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