Do all participants need to install TrueConf client application to communicate?

Dmitriy Taschi
October 2, 2017
Dmitriy Taschi
Categories: Knowledge Base

You do not need to install additional software if you participate in a web conference and join via a link. Users can connect to the conference via WebRTC or by running one-time client application. One-time app  allows you to join the conference and doesn’t require installation.

In other cases participants need to install TrueConf client application. TrueConf Server package includes TrueConf client applications for Windows, macOS and Android, which are distributed by your server’s administrator via guest page. iOS users can install the application on the AppStore. If you are using Linux OS, follow our instructions.

We recommend to use TrueConf client applications, a full-featured communication platform with a lot of great capabilities. You can always check users’ statuses, send texts to the chat even if users are not online, transfer files, show slides, share your screen, etc.  

By the way, system administrator can install TrueConf app remotely to all the computers in the local network if LDAP mode is enabled and Active Directory is set up on your TrueConf Server.

Our support team can also provide MSI-installer that will help your local administrator to install the application remotely. This feature is available for those customers who purchased full technical support package. In this case you as user will only need to enter TrueConf ID and your password once at the first launch.

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