How to Make Phone Calls from TrueConf Client Application

Alexander Galvita
January 23, 2019
Alexander Galvita

TrueConf Server users can call or invite mobile and landline users of any country (including those who do not have Internet access) to group conferences. This is convenient because:

  • VoIP calls are several times cheaper than roaming services provided by mobile network operators.
  • No installation of separate video conferencing and VoIP applications are required.

Let’s take a closer look at this feature.

Phone subscribers can also call TrueConf Server users and join conferences. Previously, we published an article about how to configure this feature on your videoconferencing server.

Phone Calls from TrueConf Server

Set Up TrueConf Server

To allow TrueConf server users to call telephony subscribers and invite them to conferences, system administrators should set the PBX connection rule (or telephony service) in the control panel (Network → SIP Gateway). Checking the Default VoIP Server  box activates dialers in client applications of your server users, calls from which will be sent to the PBX indicated in the rule.

Option 1: Calls via Your Address Book Search Field

Enter a phone number in international format in the search bar. Next, click the call button in the menu that appears below. For example, dial +74956986066 to call our sales department.

You can also call extension numbers connected to your PBX.

How to Make Phone Calls from TrueConf Client Application 1

For example, if a subscriber has an extension 910, enter the string in #tel:910 format in the search bar of your address book to make a call.

The string in #tel:<number> format is a call string, a unique subscriber identifier on TrueConf Server.

Option 2: Calls via Dialers

You can call a phone number from TrueConf client applications for  WindowsLinuxmacOS or Android  by using the dialer, next to which you can see a list of the users who have phone numbers on the server.

In TrueConf for Windows, the dialer is available by clicking on the button How to Make Phone Calls from TrueConf Client Application 2 in the sidebar.

How to Make Phone Calls from TrueConf Client Application 3

In TrueConf Client Legacy, the dialer icon is located in the app dialog box in the call menu next to the address bar.

Inviting telephony subscribers to conferences hosted on TrueConf Server

Call telephony subscribers can be invited from TrueConf client application:



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