Live Chat in TrueConf for Windows

Elizaveta Nesova
November 9, 2018
Elizaveta Nesova
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Instant messaging (or chat) allows users to exchange text messages or files during video calls or group video conferences. Chat is also available outside of the video conferencing sessions.

Live Chat in TrueConf for Windows 1

It is useful because:

  • if the user is not currently online, you can send him an offline message, he will get it immediately after logging in.
  • in TrueConf applications for desktops users can drag and drop files to chat window to share them during video calls or conferences.
  • chat history is stored on user’s endpoint.
    If you authorize on another device your previous chat history won’t be available
  • administrators can view full chat messages history in TrueConf Server control panel.
    This feature is only available for corporate TrueConf Server. Messages sent via TrueConf Online cloud service are stored on each participant’s PC only.

File transfer via live chat in TrueConf for Windows

To send a file simply drag and drop it on to the chat panel.

Live Chat in TrueConf for Windows 2

Alternatively you can click on the paperclip icon on the left side of the input field. Click to select the file (it will be sent to chat immediately without prior confirmation).

Live Chat in TrueConf for Windows 3

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