How to Use Desktop Sharing During a Conference

Alexander Galvita
January 16, 2019
Alexander Galvita
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Screen and content sharing are available in TrueConf client applications for popular platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux and Android) in all types of video conferences. Thanks to this feature you can share your screen and separate application windows (including browser windows) in real time.

Your content will be visible to all video conference participants connected via TrueConf client applications and browsers (using WebRTC technology). Besides, the content shared during the conference can also be recorded for future reference.

Only maximized windows are correctly displayed during content sharing. Minimized windows will not be shared.

This article will explain how to share content in TrueConf for Windows (this tool looks the same in TrueConf for Linux and macOS).

Start the conference and select the fourth icon in the conference toolbar.

conference toolbar

Select the screen or application you wish to share in the window that appears.

How to Use Desktop Sharing During a Conference 1

After that the application window will be minimized and the Content sharing control window will appear in the right bottom corner of the screen.

Content sharing control window

This window will be displayed on top of all windows during the whole sharing period. Other conference participants will see your self-view video instead.


stop – stop content sharing

start – start sharing another window

turn video on/off – turn video on/off. After pressing this button you will see a small self-view in the Content sharing window (other participants of the conference will also see it in the corner of your video window):

video display – change your video display. It can either be displayed over the content or in a separate window.

Press this button and choose Show my video in a separate window. You will be able to share your content as slideshow to other participants of the conference. In this case your content can be shared on third-party legacy video conferencing endpoints (over BFCP/H.239 protocols) if you  acquired SIP/H.323 gateway for your TrueConf Server.

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