How to Record a Video Conference and Content

Alexander Galvita
January 18, 2019
Alexander Galvita
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Video conference recording is available in all TrueConf Online plans, all TrueConf client applications for PCs and all TrueConf Server licences. This article will explain how to record video conferences from TrueConf for Windows client application or from TrueConf Server control panel.

Why do we need to record video conferences

Recording can be used for:

  • Product presentation. Marketing department can record video conference dedicated to a new product release and send it to colleagues from other departments for more detailed study, or share it online as a means of advertisement and promotion.
  •  Video tutorial. Students can record lessons and use the video for learning purposes.
  • Interview. HR manager can record interviews with job-seekers and submit it to the decision maker who will evaluate potential employee’s professional and personal qualities.
  • Court sittings. Video record can be used as proof of court proceedings correctness.

How to record video conferences in TrueConf for Windows client application

Open the application, proceed to Conference Manager → Tools tab in the right bottom corner and press Video Recording. In the Recording Source field select the conference participant you would like to record (everybody, only yourself only or one of participants) and press How to Record a Video Conference and Content 1.

How to Record a Video Conference and Content 2

Each recorded conference participant will see the icon How to Record a Video Conference and Content 3  in the left top corner of their video window.

If you change video layout during video conference, it will be displayed in the recording.

The recording will also include the content you or other conference participants are sharing  (desktop or separate application windows) and presentations.

Where are the video conference recordings saved

Video conference recordings in *.mp4 are saved by default in Videos folder on your PC. This folder can be found in your profile folder by the path given in Video Recording section, Settings → Preferences → Other.

How to Record a Video Conference and Content 4

Why are not all conference participants were recorded

Only those participants who accepted your recording request will be recorded. Each participant sets permit for conference recording individually ( to set it, proceed to Settings → Preferences → Other,  Who can record me field in your client application).

Possible settings options:

  • Nobody. Your video window cannot be recorded.
  • Ask me each time. Before the recording starts, conference participant will get the following request:

How to Record a Video Conference and Content 5

If granted, the permission will be active until the participant leaves the conference.
  • Users from my Address Book. Automatic recording of your video window is allowed for your address book contacts, and to other users – by request.
  • Everyone. Automatic recording of your video window is allowed to everybody.

How to watch conference recording

You can watch recorded conferences on your PC using any video player (such as VLC) that supports VP8 codec.

How to record video conferences on TrueConf Server side

You can set automatic video conference recording in TrueConf Server (proceed to recording tab on TrueConf Server control panel).

You can turn recording on and off for each group conference when scheduling it. To do it, select On demand option in Recordings field in Record multipoint conferences section.

Recordings settings TrueConf Server

Server-side video conference recording will include video layout set by the conference moderator for guests and SIP/H.323 devices on transcoder.

Recorded calls and conferences will be displayed on Reports → Conference Video Recordings tab in TrueConf Server control panel. Here you can download or delete them.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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