How to Organize a Role-Based Conference on TrueConf for Android

Elizaveta Nesova
April 19, 2019
Elizaveta Nesova
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TrueConf mobile client applications for Android and iOS allow users of TrueConf Online cloud service and TrueConf Server corporate server to make video calls and conferences of all types.

This guide explains how to organize role-based conference from your Android mobile device.

Learn how to download TrueConf from Google Play Market in our manual on how to make video calls from Android device.

Step 1. Create a conference

Open TrueConf for Android, proceed to address book and press blue button with TrueConf logo, then press Create Conference. In the menu that opens enter conference name and select Role-based mode. Add conference participants and press Create to open conference window.

When the conference has been created, you possess all moderator rights as the conference owner. You can manage conference participants, assign speakers, etc.

Step 2. Assign speakers

Open participants list in the conference window and minimize it.

After that press the name of the participant whom you wish to take to the podium and assign as a speaker. Press Invite to the podium in the opened menu.

How to become a speaker?

Open participants list and then minimize it as shown above. The following buttons will become available: Make an audio remark and Take podium.


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