TrueConf Highlights Kazakhstan Videoconferencing Habits

June 22, 2015 Source
TrueConf Highlights Kazakhstan Videoconferencing Habits 1

By David Delony
Contributing Writer

Russian videoconferencing software provider TrueConf has conducted a survey of the videoconferencing market in Kazakhstan.

TrueConf Highlights Kazakhstan Videoconferencing Habits 2

“The study by our company has created a clearer understanding of what video conferencing services are required by modern users in Kazakhstan,” TrueConf CEO Michael Gotalksy said. “The simplicity and usability of enterprise video conferencing systems are a priority for Kazakhstani clients. Also, the BYOD concept is far more popular here than in Russia, resulting in specialized requirements for video conferencing systems.”

The company surveyed 56 professionals, 63 percent of whom were clients. Another 31 percent were integrators and 7 percent were videoconferencing service providers.

The vast majority of the respondents worked in the high tech and IT, education and the public sector. These sectors tend to make the heaviest use of videoconferencing in both Russia and Kazakhstan because they are geographically spread out but need to coordinate with colleagues.

The market is also very different in the former Soviet republic than neighboring Russia. Only 36 percent of the respondents said that they had an on-premises system, compared to 46 percent of Russian businesses. Consequently, there was more use of cloud solutions at 19 percent compared to only 10 percent in Russia.

Twenty-eight percent of respondents used by MCU and cloud services simultaneously. In Russia, 41 percent of businesses opted for MCU-based systems. There was also a growing preference for SVC-based solutions over hardware solutions.

The vast majority of users preferred to hold conversations from their workstations at 50 percent, with a further 15 percent using mobile devices, and 35 percent in meeting rooms.

Videoconferencing is now a mainstream business tool. The Internet has made it a much more viable technology than it was in the past, with broadband connections replacing the expensive, proprietary systems of the past. As the software and networks grow more capable, more people will hold meetings by video in the future, in Kazakhstan and everywhere else.

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