Russian Video Conferencing Market in Decline

July 23, 2015 Source
Russian Video Conferencing Market in Decline 1

Our friends at Trueconf in Moscow report to us that the Russian market for video conferencing has declined for the third year in a row (Y2011-Y2014).  Trueconf reports that sales from Y2013 to Y2014 fell by 7% to $80B, matching the Russian market size in Y2011.  Some of this decline is no doubt due to the general economic stagnation experienced by most of the previously-glamourous BRICs countries; some due to the general shift from room video conferencing to personal video conferencing (Trueconf reports that 65% of video conferencing sessions in Russia are conducted outside meeting rooms); and some due to the peculiar political / economic / international sanctions-generating stance of Mr. Putin.

Trueconf, as is also the case with Wainhouse Research, does not get shipment data for Russia from any of the video conferencing vendors, so the source of their data is 1) their own sales volume, 2) the volume of government tenders for video conferencing solutions, 3) government data on imports, and 4) assessments / surveys of integrators in Russia.  Hence, the assessment is somewhat of an estimate rather than based on exact data.  Nevertheless, times have changed.  Just a few years ago Russia was a source of high growth for many video conferencing vendors.

Published on 23 July 2015 by Wainhouse Research
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