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TrueConf with SVC & MCU-less unified communication software platform. They are accelerating their business overseas

“We are looking for partner(s) in Japan who will share our TrueConf vision.” according to Mr. Lev Yakupov, marketing director of TrueConf.

TrueConf LLC is a company established in 2003 by a group of graduates from Computer Science Faculty at Moscow University. Privately owned currently they have 90 employees with two offices one in Moscow and the other in Donetsk, Ukraine.

What TrueConf is offering is SVC based unified communication software platform. It allows MCU-less bridging for multipoint meetings with support for Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android. In addition, it can connect to WebRTC, PBX and PSTN. Their products target enterprise, SMB, Telco’s, and service providers.

“Given the fact that the public Internet is unstable, the core of our solution is SVC based and MCU-less allowing TueConf users to have the best possible quality by optimizing connection according to bandwidth and device.” Said, Mr. Lev Yakupov.

Looking more closely into product and service, they offer “TrueConf Server” as on-premises solution, “TrueConf Online” as cloud service, “TrueConf Terminal” as hardware version.

TrueConf Server Server is server software that runs in on-premises environment with gateway functionality. It allows up to 250 participants in a single multipoint video meeting with up to 16 split windows or continuous presence. In addition, 1080p is supported in point-to-point call. And even 4K resolution is supported if you have at least five participants in a multipoint call.

You make a call by using presence capability. You select someone you want to make a call to and off you go. Other than calls between TrueConf clients, connecting to conventional video conferencing systems via SIP, integrating with PBX, bridging to PSTN and including WebRTC into a call are possible on TrueConf solution. TrueConf has features like video/audio calls, desktop sharing, recording, chat, file transfer, address book(presence), meeting scheduling, management(user registration etc..). The call is done on TCP with security supporting SSL and AES256.

When including a WebRTC client into a call, it will be shown as guest participant. However, the WebRTC client can join the call by simply clicking a link (URL) without any special application for it, and all you needs is a browser that support relevant WebRTC version.

Setting up TrueConf Server is easy. You will download the software from the company’s web site, and install it on a server with required configuration that is all you have to do to run the system. It only requires you about 15 minutes. TrueConf Server can be installed on virtual machine too.

Turning to “TrueConf Online” which is cloud service, what it does is basically the same as TrueConf Server, however, gateway is not supported as of July 31st 2014. Calls will be only within TrueConf software clients.

“TrueConf Online is quite popular, more than 500,000 downloads were done so far.” (Mr. Lev Yakupov)

Free version supports up to 3 participants in a call. Also, the user can log in with existing user accounts like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

“On-premise is our primary business pillar. However we would like people to know about TrueConf. By making a part of TrueConf Online free of charge, more people can have opportunities to use TrueConf.” (Mr. Lev Yakupov)

Last but not least, TrueConf Terminal. It is a hardware solution that contains camera, speakerphone, coupled with software delivered from TrueConf. Other than the software, TrueConf sales partners take care of everything. TrueConf Terminal can run both on on-premises and with the cloud service.

According to the company, they plan to renew user interface completely in order to realize the same user interface and the same experience across the board. And as for language support, currently 11 languages are supported. Speaking of Japanese language, it is supported on mobile clients (iOS/Android), however, support for desktop PC and server is planned this year. Other than above, they have many other updates planned for this year according to their roadmap.

TrueConf has 15% share in CIS market and the most well-known brand in Russia. Recent years, they are trying to expose themselves to the public as part of driving TrueConf sales: organizing seminars in Russia and Poland; and attending “Integrated System Europe”, “Enterprise Connect”, and “InfoComm”. They are also the Russian translation team for Wainhouse Research Bulletin.

Over the past year, they increased sales in Russia and CIS countries combined by 20%, and their sales in foreign countries tripled. In 2013, they added 20 new TrueConf partners to their list, and now they have more than 40 partners worldwide. They are now looking for ones in Japan.

Published on 15 July 2014 by CNA Report Japan
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